Sponsored Top level Domain (sTLD) is a special category of the generic top level domains (gTLDs) in the Domain Name System (DNS) that is maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

sTLDs are sponsored by some organization or ethnic group for specific purposes. Top level domain sponsors may belong to a specific ethnic community, professional group, or geographical location. The sponsor of the TLD is responsible to develop of policies, ensure transparency and accountability in its operations, and maintain the best interest of the sponsored internet community.

List of Sponsored Top Level Domains

  • aero – sponsored by M/s SITA
  • asia – sponsored by M/s DotAsia Organisation
  • cat – sponsored by M/s Fundació puntCAT
  • coop – sponsored by M/s DotCooperation LLC
  • edu – sponsored by M/s EDUCAUSE
  • int – sponsored by M/s IANA
  • jobs – sponsored by M/s Society of Human Resource Management
  • mil – sponsored by M/s US Department of Defense Network Information Center
  • mobi – sponsored by M/s dotMobi
  • museum-sponsored by M/s Museum Domain Management Association
  • tel -sponsored by M/s TelNic Ltd.
  • travel-sponsored by M/s Tralliance Corporation
  • xxx – sponsored by M/s International Foundation for Online Responsibility