Top Level Domain (TLD) Names of Internet are also called the suffix address of Internet or Unified Resource Label (URL). Simple definition of the Domain Name System is the Mapping of the IP Addresses (numeric characters) into Labels (Text Letters). These Labels or TLDs are allocated by the IANA and ICANN under a contract with US DoC (US Department of Commerce). Contract of IANA Functions was allocated to ICANN and an open bidding of this contract is being held in Q1 2012.

Initially Country Code Top Level Domain Names (also called ccTLDs) were allocated to the UN approved Countries & Territories. Then some Sponsored and Generic Name Top Level Domains (sTLDs & gTLDS) were allocated for example .com, .org, .music. These ccTLDs, gTLDs and sTLDs all were allocated with English Alphabets (also called Latin Characters). Internet has become a global Domain Name System and need of every one.

However, the allocation of the TLD names has been very restricted, so the demands of more TLDs also started the debate on new requirements of non-English TLDs. Many workgroups worked for Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and ICANN launched a Fast Track Program for IDN ccTLDs. Since 16th Nov 09 Applications Processing for IDN ccTLDs Fast Track has been started. The countries and territories who are using non-English Language (nationwide) for official documentation or for community, are eligible to apply for a new country code top level domain name (ccTLD) in their own Native Language through a designated manager. First four pioneers, the lucky-ones were Russian FederationThe United Arab EmiratesEgypt, and Saudi Arabia.

1. Russian Federation – .рф (meaning .rf in Cyrillic)
2. United Arab Emirates – .امارات (meaning .Emarat in Arabic)
3. Egypt – .مصر (meaning .Egypt in Arabic)
4. Saudi Arabia – .السعودية (meaning .AlSaudiah in Arabic, including desired variants السعودیة , لسعوديه ,السعودیۃ )

About 30 TLDs has been allocated to different countries in their own local official language scripts.

New gTLD:

Internet is opening new Business Dimensions with innovative approach of new gTLDs program. This is an exclusive opportunity for everyone inclusively to participate anywhere from the world. This program has many innovative and advanced features and protects the global Intellectual Property rights. Some of the features are being listed below:

  • Inclusive Participation.
  • Option for International Brand Names e.g. .apple, .ibm, .pel, .pepsi, .google, .shop and .green
  • Special Support Consideration for Developing Economies.
  • Opportunity to get one or many names in Local Languages for same new gTLD.
  • Assurance of IPv6 Support and DNSSEC Security.

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